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helmets with Bluetooth speakers and sensitive rear alerting lights
Zakpro smart riding helmets with Bluetooth speakers and sensitive rear alerting lights – 318 series(Blue)

MRP : ₹ 13,999

Zakpro series of cycling gloves – Black

MRP : ₹ 1499
Discount Price: ₹ 1424

Zakpro Professional Outdoor Sports Cycling Sunglasses (Florescent Green)

MRP :₹ 3,499

ZAKPRO – Aero Fit Series Cycling Jersey

MRP : ₹ 3,199

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ZAKPRO Smart Turn Signal Cycling Helmet with stripe LED turn indicators

318 Series Helmet with Bluetooth Speakers and Sensitive Rear Alerting Lights

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318 series helmet is very comfortable and light weight. I keep listening to music and attend calls on the way to office. Initially was the voice was not clear, but once I placed the speaker near the soft bone near the ears, the audio quality improved and it is good now. Battery is really good. I have done 3 hours of ride and still the battery is nearly 70%. Like this new concept of having Bluetooth speakers in the helmet itself.

Sundar, Owner , Gopalakrishna Cycle Mart Coimbatore

Riding with the zakpro LED series helmet was interesting. Initially I was not aware of this concept of having indicators in helmet itself. But I got one and tested. It is extremely useful during dark lights. I normally take rides early in the morning where I only use one front light for night vision. I often have trouble in traffic spotting me from behind while riding. This helmet has both front and back indicators and helped me during early in the morning. Also this helmet is very light weight. I will recommend this particularly for people who ride early in the morning or late in the evening.

Kannan, Cycling enthusiast, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu(Participated and completed in many cycling rides like BRM 200,300,400,600. Holds Heini championship for the year 2018)

Very good product for comfort and protection. No pain and numbness in the wrist and fingers. Very useful for long rides it gives super grip and comfort. The material used in the glove is so soft and durable.

Muruga VMT , Salem, Hybrid Gloves

Riding with ZAKPRO LED series helmet made me fell more safer during early morning and late evening rides. The indicators are very useful for me in traffic. It looks more stylish, unique and it is very lightweight. It’s user-friendly.

I will recommend this, particularly to the night riders.

Vinu Vikasini , Pollachi, Smart - Urban series helmet

I thank team ZAKPRO for making these lightweight helmets for cyclists. No other helmet in India has features like ZAKPRO 318. The bone conductive blue tooth speakers are very useful to us, especially during night rides. The advantage of this speaker is – we can listen to music and also at the same time be attentive to the traffic sound around. The rear light will turn on automatically during nighttime. Altogether the best helmet I have used so far.

Sundar Moorthy , Chennai, 318 Bluetooth Enabled Helmet

I am using ZAKPRO 318 for the past 15 months. One of the standout helmets I could say on my personal experience. The red color rear blinker lights are very useful during early morning and late-night brevet rides. The wireless bone conductive speakers are very useful to attend phone calls on the go with just a click on the button and can also hear some music when we are in need of motivation during the training rides/events. All this can be done through the remote placed on the handlebar itself. This helmet is 100% safer to wear. I met with a few falls & accidents while wearing this helmet. I was safer after those accidents without any sort of head injuries or unconsciousness because this helmet has taken the full impact. Simply – “318 series helmets saved my LIFE”

Shun Athi , Chennai, 318 Bluetooth Enabled Helmet

318 series helmet is very comfortable and lightweight. I keep listening to music and attend calls on the way to the office. The audio quality is really good when we place the speaker near the soft bone near the ears improved. Battery life is really good. Like the new concept of having Bluetooth speakers in the helmet itself.

Sundar, GK Cycles - Coimbatore, 318 Bluetooth Enabled Helmet

The fitting and the pad quality are really good. I have used this shorts for longer distances and it feels really comfortable. The shorts’ quality is directly related to the pad’s quality since for longer rides it should feel comfortable. These shorts will be comfortable for 400 KMs for sure.

Rammie Ramesh , Salem, Cycling Shorts

Cycling long and short distances require comfortable cycling wear. I found ZAKPRO jersey, endurance shorts making my cycling rides more comfortable, enjoyable and help go the distance with ease. Definitely would recommend it for an enhanced level of sustainable endurance.

Govindaraj Jayaram , Bangalore, Cycling Jersey

COVID happened and all events were officially closed. Only people who had Zwift or other online apps/indoor riding were participating in offline events. When this happened ZAKPRO came up with the SUMMER SCOTCH event which motivated people to go out and ride. When the event commenced in the middle of June, it was the only motivating factor for me to go out daily and prove myself. Since it was not a group event it made sure we are all doing it solely and without partners and they also made sure that we had our weekly updates and leader boards.
Especially I liked the fact that they kept on messaging people individually and come up with some interim short stories which were interesting, motivating, and invigorating. We had something to look forward to every week.
Due to the lockdowns, they even extended the duration by a couple of weeks for people to complete their aspirations
Once again kudos to the ZAKPRO team to make this happen.

Subunarayanan, Chennai, Summer Scotch Cycling Challenge

ZAKPRO endurance shorts and Jersey – I am highly satisfied. I used ZAKPRO’s jersey and endurance shorts throughout my 600 BRM. I am satisfied … * SYMBOL hearts* about fabric, design, and materials…*SYMBOL hearts*

Hariharan , Salem, Endurance Shorts

Riding with the ZAKPRO signature series was fantastic. The sleek design was comfortable and stylish. ZAKPRO helmets meet international standards as it provides the best combination of comfort and lightness while meeting all the necessary safety conditions. I recommend ZAKPRO helmets as they are great value for money considering the various prospects and design it offers.

Rajeshwari Chaithanya, Bangalore, Signature Series