Who We Are

About Zakpro

Zakpro is an innovative brand for cycling accessories designed to suit the need of a modern rider. We believe in the use of technology that can improve the performance and safety for the rider in all aspects of life. Everything we do at Zakpro is designed, tested and continually improved, in the field or on the trail, from commuting in London, mountain biking in New Zealand to skiing in Canada. Our designers actively improvise our helmets, striving for improvements and incorporating the latest technologies.

With cycling evolving in India and people starting to look at it from various angles like adventure, passion, fitness etc, we are thriving to be your one stop solution for your modern cycling needs. Our product portfolio includes smart and regular In-mold series of helmets and also a series of shock-absorbing cycling gloves. Our products will stand apart in its features and will surely solve a need of the rider both from a safety stand and comfort stand. For example our LED smart helmets will help you operate indicators while you take turns which is a common problem of all cycle riders. Our signature series will be loved by all riders who are passionate about cycling where they can record their milestones and significant memories in their helmets itself (while helmet is a common pride of any rider !). We will keep introducing new products to this series which will definitely stand unique as well as innovative and address your need and safety while riding.

Zakpro – Transcend to the new way of cycling !