Zakpro Professional Outdoor Sports Cycling Sunglasses – Fluorescent Green


Features and Specifications

Zakpro professional sunglasses are a combination of performance and style. Designed by experts with a keen eye on different situations faced by a professional cyclist. Be a bright day sunlight, or a damning 
wind, or a twilight or for your regular day light, this sunglass fits in for all conditions. 
Built Quality: The glass is made up of TR90 which is the latest innovation in frame material. TR90 (Plastic 
titanium) is a thermoplastic material which has some incredible features like low density, good chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, high distortion temperature and incredible flexibility. Frames made up
 off TR90 are extremely comfortable. Owing to its flexibility and light weight it can contour your face
comfortably and doesnt weigh heavily on the nose and ears! Enjoy the feel of it!
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  • Grey Polarized Lens : Polarized lens with anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare, UV400 protection. It can effectively isolate harmful rays and anti-fatigue. This polarized lens is thicker than the normal polarized lens and is extremely durable
  • REVO Colorful Lens : Protect eyes from the damage of ultraviolet, infrared and other harmful rays. Will weaken glare and suitable for outdoor sports.
  • Yellow Lens : Particularly suitable during twilight and dim lighting conditions. The yellow lens can improve the contrast and make your sight brighter and clearer. This is also called as “night vision lens”,
  • Transparent Lens : The lens is transparent and particularly suitable during wind and rainy conditions where a clear vision is required.
  • Myopia frame : Myopia frame is a special provision that allows to combine normal eyewear with the prescription lenses. You can attach the myopia frame to the main frame for an increased protection combined with the correction of visual defects.


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