Zakpro smart riding helmets with Bluetooth speakers and sensitive rear alerting lights – 318 series(Blue)


Features and Specifications
Construction : Full In Mould Construction
Material : PC shell + black EPS
Lock Type : Adjustable Headlock
Buckle : Fidlock buckle
Finish : Matt
Certication : EN 1078:2012+A1:2012
Special Features

1) Custom App – ‘318sports’
2) Wireless bone conductive speakers
3) Sensitive rear alerting lights
4) SOS – Real-time walkietalkie
5) Listen to music/Attend phone calls

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Zakpro – 318 series – 318 series of smart helmets features various useful functions like special bone conductive audio speakers ,sensitive rear alerting lights , custom APP and more – which will provide the riders the safety of active protection and also solves the problem of communication during riding. The 318 brand was named after the G318 National road – its 5476 kilometers, including plains, hills, basins, plateaus , snow mountains and all the terrains on earth. Many cyclist take the riding across the G318 as their ultimate dream. 318 series will fit for any extreme conditions. Keep on Going !

Highlighting Product Features

Bone Conductive speakers : Pair of bone conductive speakers on either side of the helmets which will help you enjoy the audio with the ears open to make the cycling safer. The speakers are foldable so i)You can fold and store the speaker to the brim of the helmet when idle ii) Rotate the speaker to location when using iii) Draw and adjust the arm to move the speaker surface to the best position near the ear. One can use the speaker to listen to music, attend phone calls and use it as a real-time walkie-talkie.


Sensitive rear alerting lights
Sensitive rear alerting lights – Lights will turn on/off automatically along with the environments brightness. This feature helps especially between 6PM – 6AM where the environmental brightness will be very low and riders cannot be noticed when they are cycling in the roads. The lights in the helmets will start flashing once the environmental brightness goes low and make the riders get noticed in the darkness. This feature makes the riding very safe and ensures rider’s safety.
Wireless remote controller

Wireless remote controller – This can be easily mounted bicycle’s handle and can be operated by the rider at ease. The size is also small measuring to 41.5mm * 51.3mm and easy to install and doesn’t look heavy on the handle. This holds Up to class IPX5 waterproof standards and professionally tested to solve the problem of cycling in rainy days.

Smart App and Walkie Talkie

Smart App and Walkie Talkie – Download ‘318sports’ and install in your mobile. The Smart App features in a walkie talkie which can be used to communicate while riding. Talk on the go with your co-riders/team. Press the PTT to record your voice and hear them back on what they have to say. Very interesting one! Works with the App. This feature is really useful when you and your team are wearing the SMART helmet. You can also use this feature to talk to your loved ones sitting back at home without having to call them. All they have to do is, download the app and team up with you with a unique code set and start sending voice notes. You can hear them on the go and send your voice notes back.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
318 Series Helmet Size

M – Medium, L – Large


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